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Dolpa, November 14, 2014 : Hydroelectricity has been generated from the Shey Phoksundo Lake based in Phoksundo VDC in upper Dolpa with the use of new technology.

A five-kilowatt hydropower project has been constructed at Rigmo Village with the financial assistance of the World Wildlife Fund and technical assistance of Canada and the United States of America.

  The project named the Phoksundo Hydropower Project came into operation last April. It was developed by New Energy Company for the convenience of scores of domestic and foreign tourists visiting the lake.

The project is without a power house and the equipments used in the power production weigh just 341 kilogrammes.   A generator has been used to produce the electricity.  Locals have also been highly benefitted from the construction of the hydropower project, a local Nima Lama said.

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